monitor hp a4033a probs

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monitor hp a4033a probs

From a cold boot the power light and the power saver light blinks.. the cent light is on also.
If I turn it off and on a few times it will work BUT .. computer gives message : invalid VxD dynamic link call from vwin32(01) + 00000714 to device 0009, service 1. Winconfig invalid.THEN I reboot and it says error in system files will restore a backup of registry. THEN it repeats the registry message and reboot cycle up to 12 times , (so far). But when I do get in it works fine and shows no probs . TILL the next cold boot HELP..!@!
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Re: monitor hp a4033a probs


This is not from the monitor but from the operating system. I believe it must be reinstalled or, if you have a rescue disk, rescued :)

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