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more | command/key

Occasional Contributor

more | command/key

newly installed HPUX. when I hit the more key. ie shift \ I get a symbol like this ^&
Does anybody know how to correct this???
Honored Contributor

Re: more | command/key

I am thinking you mean you are trying to get a pipe character .. ??
what type of TERM do you have ? maybe that is the cause. ..
to find out
echo $TERM
and just for kicks try
export TERM=hp
Roger Baptiste
Honored Contributor

Re: more | command/key


do an echo $TERM to check
your terminal type. Try
setting it to xterm and check.
TERM=xterm; export TERM.

Also make sure you don''t
have special terminal settings
in your .profile file.

Take it easy.
Craig Rants
Honored Contributor

Re: more | command/key

Are you using a console or a monitor. Are you connecting through CDE, telnet...

This information may provide people with more clues to your problem.

I agree, that your first course of action would be to change your TERM type first.

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