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mount cdrom

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mount cdrom

I have just installed HP 11.00 and can not mount the cdrom, I want to add additional software.

When I try to mount I get an error...
# mount /dev/cdrom
mount: /dev/cdrom was either ignored or not found in /etc/fstab

What am I missing...
I have the cd in the cdrom

I am logged in as root.
I did not think I needed to add the cdrom to the fstab, if so what would the options be?
doug mielke
Respected Contributor

Re: mount cdrom

mount /dev/dsk/c0t2d0 /SD-CDROM

where c0t2d0 is the device file, can be found with
ioscan -fnC disk, and looking for the cdrom entry.

/sd-CDROM is any empty directory.
Geoff Wild
Honored Contributor

Re: mount cdrom

to use /dev/cdrom , create a symbolic link to the actual device.

FOr example, on my server:

ll /dev/cdrom
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root sys 15 Mar 7 2001 /dev/cdrom -> /dev/dsk/c0t1d0

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Helen French
Honored Contributor

Re: mount cdrom

You need to give your device file and mount directory:

# ioscan -fnC disk

Check for CD devices and it's device name (/dev/dsk/cxtydz)

# mkdir /cdrom
# mount /dev/dsk/cxtydz /cdrom
# bdf
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Bill Hassell
Honored Contributor

Re: mount cdrom

The mount command normally requires 2 parameters: the source device file such as /dev/dsk/c2t2d0 and the destination like /cdrom or /SD_CDROM. If you supply only one parameter then mount looks at /etc/fstab to find a match on the supplied parameter. So: mount /cdrom works fine as long as there is a mountpoint in /etc/fstab called /cdrom.

There is never a devicefile called /dev/cdrom in standard HP-UX. You can create one, perhaps to match some other flavor of Unix, but it is better sysadmin technique to learn the typical naming conventions in each flavor.

Bill Hassell, sysadmin
Lee Huei
Regular Advisor

Re: mount cdrom

steps to mount CDROM:

(1) look for the device file of the cdrom
# ioscan -nfCdisk
disk 2 10/12/5.2.0 sdisk CLAIMED DEVICE HP DVD-ROM 6x/32x

/dev/dsk/c4t2d0 /dev/rdsk/c4t2d0
(2) create a directory as cdrom mount point
# mkdir /cdrom

(3) mount
# mount /dev/dsk/c4t2d0 /cdrom

(4) check whether it's mounted
# bdf
you shoulkd get something similar to the line below:
2457600 2457600 0 100% /cdrom

you cna now access the cd content via mountpoint /cdrom

to umount
# umount /cdrom
--> make sure you are not in the mount point when you run the command.
# pwd --> to check where you are and cd .. to leave this mount point before you umount.

If you want to add the cdrom mount point as permanent mount point, here's the steps:

# vi /etc/fstab
--> add in the line below:

/dev/dsk/c4t2d0 /cdrom cdfs ro,cdcase 0 0
save this file and this will mount the CD automatically during reboot.

*note* c4t2d0 is just an example.
Garry Ferguson
Frequent Advisor

Re: mount cdrom

I also have the option in fstab so you can read CDs which have RockRidge extensions.
my fstab has
cdcase,ro,rr,noauto options.
For this to work you might need some patches.
I had to add PHKL_26450, PHKL_28060 and PHCO_26449. These might have been superceded by now of course.
Garry Ferguson