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mount iso image failed

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Super Advisor

mount iso image failed

Hi I need help.


houx 11.31


Please take a look to the error. Can someone help me ?


TIA and regards



nnm01:/hp # swlist | grep -i iso
ISOIMAGE-ENH B.11.31.06 ISO Image mount Enhancement


nnm01:/hp # mount /hp/HP-UX_11i_v3_VSE-OE_Core_2_2_BA929-10013.iso /cdrom
mount: /hp/HP-UX_11i_v3_VSE-OE_Core_2_2_BA929-10013.iso is an invalid operand
nnm01:/hp #


nnm01:/hp # mount -F cdfs -o rr,ro /hp/HP-UX_11i_v3_VSE-OE_Core_1_2_BA929-10012.iso /z
mount: /hp/HP-UX_11i_v3_VSE-OE_Core_1_2_BA929-10012.iso is an invalid operand



Patrick Wallek
Honored Contributor

Re: mount iso image failed

You have to make sure that the fspd module is loaded before you try to mount the ISO image.


Load the module:

# kcmodule fspd=loaded

# mkdir /iso

# mount /var/adm/crash/dvd.iso /iso


To unload the module after you are done, and have umount'ed the iso image:


# kcmodule fspd=unused

Super Advisor

Re: mount iso image failed

Thanks for your reply Patrick. It worked.


THanks again and best regards