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multimedia keys

Ritesh Raj Sarraf_1
Occasional Visitor

multimedia keys

Is HP planning to release some utility or some document on it's multimedia keys. Presently I'm stuck to manually converting the kernel scancodes for each of my multimedia key events, assign them to keycodes and then integrate them with some application like "hotkeys" ?

Can't HP think of some solution for these problems ??

BTW, I'm using a Compaq Presario 2203AL Notebook running Debian "testing + unstable" on it.
Bruce Copeland
Trusted Contributor

Re: multimedia keys

I doubt seriously that HP is going to document these keys, because Linux isn't formally supported on most of their notebook hardware :-(
There's an additional problem that scancode mapping is highly variable under 2.6.x kernels, so it's not even clear what they would be able to document.

If you've figured out how to get the scancodes and assign them to hotkeys, you're doing pretty well. You DO in fact have the flexibility to assign these keys to whatever applications seem appropriate. That's good because not everyone uses the same email, browser, etc. programs under Linux.

David Timms
Frequent Advisor

Re: multimedia keys

saw this a while ago, but haven't bothered with the mm keys on my hp compaq nx9000:

Omnibook Configuration Tools & Patches

maybe of some use...

Re: multimedia keys

you can try to sign the key's to a command (gnome has a util for that now).
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Ritesh Raj Sarraf_1
Occasional Visitor

Re: multimedia keys


Thanks for your reply.
But the issue is that the kernel doesn't have any keycodes for those key presses. If the kernel produced keycodes itself I'd not have had the pain of mapping the actual kernel scancodes to some manual keycodes and then assign those keycodes to applications (In your case with the help of some Gnome utility).

And also I don't use Gnome :-)

Thanks for the reply anyway.