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mysql on HP-UX 11.11

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Anand Chauhan
Occasional Contributor

mysql on HP-UX 11.11

I have mysql-max-3.23.52-hp-hpux10.20-hppa1.1, and I have installed it on HP-UX 11.11, but It is ment for 10.20, hence I downloded the depot mysql-3.23.42-sd-11.00.depot as recommended by some one, so avoid the message. Question is : WHAT IS A DEPOT, AND WHAT TO DO WITH THE DEPOT??? It is just a binary file, so how do I use it to run my mysqld. I am in desperate need of help some one please reply here or to
Honored Contributor

Re: mysql on HP-UX 11.11

Hi Anand,

The depot file is a compressed archive and you have to use swinstall to install the software (.depot file). If you have 11i on the system, it would have been better for you to download the source and compile the source, rather than downloading the 11.0 version of the software.

Try this pdf on sd-ux from hp itrc to learn more about sd.

Hope this helps.

Steve Post
Trusted Contributor

Re: mysql on HP-UX 11.11

I don't know anything about 11i. But I have it installed on hpux 11.0. It drops files to /opt/mysql.

First make a unix user called "mysql". This would be the administrative user to the server.

copy the mysql-3.23.42-sd-11.00.depot to a spot on your computer.

swinstall -s /that/spot/mysql-3.23.42-sd-11.00.depot

File /opt/mysql/share/mysql/mysql.server can start and stop the mysql server.
To start: mysql.server start.
To stop: mysql.server stop.
This mysql.server is usually started at root, then the jobs are re-assigned to user mysql.

You can see if it is running by typing.
ps -u mysql

The data is normally under /opt/mysql/var.

To get in a mysql prompt.
login as a non-root user.
Type: /opt/mysql/bin/mysql
There. You're in.
To get out type: quit

To get help on it. Look at for online documentation.
(or is it It's www.mysql.SOMETHING.