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mysqld up, problem starting mysql client

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Anand Chauhan
Occasional Contributor

mysqld up, problem starting mysql client

I am running HP-UX 11.11 on HP 9000 system. I installed mysql for 10.20 and installed depot with made mysql work on 11.11.

I executed the mysqld by this command ./mysqld_safe --user=root
and it gave me a message that daemon is running. I verified the daemon running by ps -eadfl | grep mysqld, also by telnet localhost 3306.

Now when I execute ./mysql it gives me message obtained by ./mysql --help, shows me how to use mysql and quits. I don't get to the mysql> prompt. I used various options but it gave me the same message.

I am running everything is root mode.
Some body please help me..........

benoit Bruckert
Honored Contributor

Re: mysqld up, problem starting mysql client

For mysql client, you can define /etc/my.cnf (check syntax on docs).
Or more easy,
just type :
mysql -h
if you have the proper prompt, try just connect .
This mean you will use network connection instead of local one.
For local one, see my.cnf...

hope that help.
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