nc8000 + irda + mandrake 10.0

Kristof Imre Szabo
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nc8000 + irda + mandrake 10.0


I try to set up the irda port on my nc8000 laptop. The irda section in my modules.conf looks like this:

alias char-major-161 ircomm-tty
pre-install smc-ircc /bin/setserial "/dev/ttyS2" "uart" "none"
options smc-ircc ircc_irq=4 ircc_dma=1 ircc_io=0x3e8
alias irda0 smc-ircc

It looks like that the smc-ircc module is not loaded. (I use Mandrake 10.0 - with 2.4.25-2mdk kernel.)

Did anybody succeed to set it up?
Jan Sladky
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Re: nc8000 + irda + mandrake 10.0

hi Kristof,

I have different hw & sw ( acer travelmate 662 LCi and SuSE 9.1.) by maybe it's gonna be usefull for you.

sundance:~ # cat /etc/modules.conf
alias /dev/ircomm0 smc-ircc

my simle script for irda start:
#arrangements for irda communication

setserial /dev/ttyS1 uart none port 0 irq 0
modprobe irda
modprobe nsc-ircc
irattach irda0 -s

and lsmod after this:

sundance:~ # lsmod | grep ir
nsc_ircc 15676 0
ircomm_tty 24072 0
ircomm 14212 1 ircomm_tty
irda 120124 3 nsc_ircc,ircomm_tty,ircomm

try these steps and post the result

br Jan
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