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need Oracle file size larger than 2g

Larry Finnegan_1
Occasional Visitor

need Oracle file size larger than 2g


We are using HP UX 11 with a Oracle 7.2.3 database and Baan 4c software. We are
having trouble with our Oracle database. We are getting a Oracle error
indicating that our tables are full but when we check the tables still have
500M of space left on them.

Our tables should be sized at 2048 but the maximum size that Unix will allow
is 2000.

How do we break the 2g file size barrier?

Alan Riggs_1
Regular Advisor

Re: need Oracle file size larger than 2g

You need to create a filesystem with largefiles enabled in order to break teh
2Gig barrier. It is not possible, to my knowledge, for this attribute to be
changed after teh filesystem has been created. You will need to create new
filesystems using the -o largefiles option for mkfs (or the -l option for
newfs) and transfer your datafiles to the new filesystems.
Kenneth Platz_2
Occasional Visitor

Re: need Oracle file size larger than 2g

You can also use the "fsadm" command to modify a filesystem to support large
files (>2G). For example:

fsadm -F hfs -o largefiles /dev/vg02/lvol1

Will modify the named hfs filesystem to support largefiles. For more
information see the man page for fsadm(1M) or fsadm_FS-TYPE(1M) (where FS-TYPE
is the type of the filesystem you are trying to modify).

Re: need Oracle file size larger than 2g

To modify the file system to enable the larfiles
you need to do it on the character device instead of the block device as
reported in the man pages.

The syntax is:

#fsadm -F vxfs /dev/vg00/rlvol4


Re: need Oracle file size larger than 2g


To the best of my knowledge FSADM is not used for HFS file system type.

The syntax is correct like

fsadm -F vxfs -o largefiles -b 2048 /dev/vg01/file system

but if you want to extend your file system i think at the time of creation of file system we can define the -o largefiles option like

newfs -F vxfs/hfs -o largefiles /dev/dsk/rfile system name

HFS files can be extended with lvextend and extendfs command.


gao xiang
Occasional Visitor

Re: need Oracle file size larger than 2g

I think even you can break the 2g limit at OS level, it may still be a problem at database level, Oracle 7.2.3 or even 7.3.3 may not be able to access the file larger than 2g, eg, exp, imp can not write to a file larger than 2g
gao xiang