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need advice on database monitoring

Occasional Advisor

need advice on database monitoring

i am currrently designing a database monitor for MySql database and need certain clarrifications :-

i need to start the monitor as a single process along with the MySql server but should never restart the server.

i have planned to build the agent using c. Is there any C API available in MySQl to achieve this.

or else how can i do that.

Re: need advice on database monitoring

Let me understand what you want:
This process witch monitor the database and i supose OS will be runed as a deamon and will provide information for some client programs ?

Then you will need some cross paltforms solution: java or Qt/C++
Occasional Advisor

Re: need advice on database monitoring

ok lemme brief u the situation!

there are two ways a database monitor could be implemented -
1) as an independent process, started at own will and connects to the database only when needed.

2) as a integrated process- ie starts when the mysql server starts ans atops when it is stopped.

i opt for the second b'cos in this way i can get more informations and track all the critical activities running in the database.
since MySql does not support triggers, i have to ensure that my monitor is there right from the start.