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Trent Bukowsky

netscape 6.1


I just downloaded and installed netscpe 6.1 on my redhat 7.1 box. I have removed the existing netscape 4.7 whihx was installed during OS installation.

Although I am able to open and browse the browser I am unable to open it by default (i.e if I click on a htm file or if I want to go into swat config, etc....) I know that netscape 6.1 is installed seperatly in the /usr/local/netscape directory.

How do I go about making it default for all my browser related applications. Can somebody tell me how to link all netscape related files.


Paul R. Dittrich
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Re: netscape 6.1

I think what you want appears under:
Edit / Preferences / Advanced / System where you can choose which protocols and which file types are handled by Netscape 6.1

Kodjo Agbenu
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Re: netscape 6.1

Hello Trent,

I guess you are using gnome, not KDE. Otherwise, post back your question again.

I've never installed RedHat 7.1, but I know that it uses gnome 1.2.

The latest linux distributions are using gnome 1.4, which is completely integrated with Mozilla, the html page renderer used by Netscape 6.x.

Using RedHat 7.1 with gnome 1.2, you have to do this by yourself. It may be simple : launch gnome control center (via the menu or by launching /usr/bin/gnomecc), then try to find something that looks like "URL manager". For myself, I'm currently using a french localized version of gnome 1.4, and the exact message is "Gestionnaire d'URLs" which is translated by "URL manager". It is a submenu of "Document Manager" or something similar.

Then change the path to netscape 4.x by a path to netscape 6.1. You may have to set the absolute path.

After that, save the config, log out and login again. If it does not work, I would suggest that you download and install gnome 1.4 for RedHat 7.1, then re-install Netscape 6.1. You may find an excellent packaged version of Gnome at

Good luck.

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