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network problem when D280 reboot

Regular Advisor

network problem when D280 reboot

When our D280 reboot last week,the host can't ping other host,when I try with linkloop, is good. I restart the inetd service, still can't ping others.then I restart the host, network is ok! today I reboot the D280,the network can't ping others, and I reboot the host two times again, the network is ok. my netcard is D280 Build-in card, landriver is lan2.who can give a clue, how can i do?
T G Manikandan
Honored Contributor

Re: network problem when D280 reboot


just check what speed your the card is set at and also the duplex settings.
Also check whether if there are any collisions.
Make sure that both speed and duplex settings match between the server and the switch .

If still the problem persists
2.Change the network cable.

Honored Contributor

Re: network problem when D280 reboot


check for your default router.

#netstat -rn
never give up
Steve Post
Trusted Contributor

Re: network problem when D280 reboot

Try two things:
1. Plug something ELSE into the lan port besides your HP computer. Perhaps there's nothing wrong with the HP. Perhaps the lan connection is horrible. You can at least try to eliminate this possibility. I know it sounds a bit dumb. But I once I had a lan port that barely worked. One we tried hooking up a laptop to it we saw the port worked...then failed...then worked....then failed. We switched the port and the lan cable and the problem went away.

2. What speed is the lan port set to? What speed is the lan card set to? I have had problems in the past where the speed settings must be exactly the same or else you get a very poor connection.

Ron Kinner
Honored Contributor

Re: network problem when D280 reboot

When it doesn't work is it true that you can not ping another host on the same LAN but you can linkloop them? When you ping them are you using their hostname or their IP address? If hostname try it with IP address. Could be your DNS has a problem. Do

nslookup hostname

and see what happens. Could also be - and this is very probable now that I think about it - that you have a duplicate IP address on your network. Disconnect the network cable from your D280 and from another host on the same LAN see if you can still ping the IP address of the D280.

Finally does the D280 get its IP address from DHCP or is it a static address?

If it's just remote hosts which you can't reach it's probably the dead gateway detection. In 11.0 it is on by default and if the router does not respond to a ping the router is removed from the routing table about 3 minutes after you reboot.

Fred Martin_1
Valued Contributor

Re: network problem when D280 reboot

I had similar mess, mine turned out to be a bad connection right on the back of the server, but I finally found a few "network lost" type error messages in syslog that led me to it; I was spending time trying to nail down what I thought was a performance issue. If you haven't looked through logs do so.
Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: network problem when D280 reboot

inetd doesn't control networking.

If network functionality from outside to inside changes over time, the Network card may be bad.

I'm assuming that the machine used to work.

You always could try looking for the latest lan driver on the latests Core-OS Application CD set available from HP to contract holders(December 2002).

I personally like the idea that its cabling, connectors or your switch. How to prove that to network administration is politics, beyond the scope of this lecture. Some switch port switching would be nice.

The built in cards on those D boxes are 10 BaseT They can not all handle being on switches configured for 100 Base T auto negotiate.

Before you get network port switched, make sure the switch configuration is 10 BaseT manual. It cuts the possible problem factors down.

Can I see the output from lanadmin -x 0 in a post please? Thanks.


Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation