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no CDE binaries installed


no CDE binaries installed


I have HP-UX 11.31 installed. CDE is also installed on that. But didn't find binary files in /ust/dt/ directory. I cannot find dtlogin.rc.

I have these filesets installed for CDE

swlist -l fileset CDE
# Initializing...
# Contacting target "srvr-248"...
# Target: srvr-248:/

# CDE B.11.31 HP-UX CDE User Interface
CDE.CDE-SHLIBS B.11.31 CDE Shared Libraries
CDE.CDE-SHLIBS-IA B.11.31 CDE IA Native Shared Libraries

James R. Ferguson
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: no CDE binaries installed


With 11.31, CDE is an optional product. Select the CDE-xxx bundle where "xxx" is the language you want. You will find this bundle in your core OS DVD.

You seem to be lacking some filesets (e.g. CDE-RUN, etc.).

When installed, there are a number of binaries in '/usr/dt/bin'.



Re: no CDE binaries installed

I Installed CDE from DVD.

swinstall -s /cdrom/ CDE

======= 08/12/10 13:40:32 MDT BEGIN swinstall SESSION
(non-interactive) (jobid=srvr-248-0013)

* Session started for user "root@srvr-248".

* Beginning Selection
* Target connection succeeded for "srvr-248:/".
* "srvr-248:/cdrom/": Cannot open the logfile on this target or
source. Possibly the media is read-only or there is a
permission problem. Check the daemon logfile and
"/var/tmp/swagent.log" on this host for more information.
* Source: /cdrom/
* Targets: srvr-248:/
* Software selections:
* Selection succeeded.

* Beginning Analysis and Execution
* Session selections have been saved in the file
* The analysis phase succeeded for "srvr-248:/".
* The execution phase succeeded for "srvr-248:/".
* Analysis and Execution succeeded.

NOTE: More information may be found in the agent logfile using the
command "swjob -a log srvr-248-0013 @ srvr-248:/".

======= 08/12/10 13:40:54 MDT END swinstall SESSION (non-interactive)

Do i need to install any other packages?

/usr/dt/bin showing below contents.

cd /usr/dt/
bash-3.2# ls
bin config dthelp infolib lib share
bash-3.2# cd bin/
bash-3.2# ls

Tom Henning
Trusted Contributor

Re: no CDE binaries installed

Yes, you are missing a few filesets. From my 11.31 system with CDE installed:

# swlist -l fileset | grep -i cde
# CDE B.11.31 HP-UX CDE User Interface
CDE.CDE-DTTERM B.11.31 CDE Terminal Emulator
CDE.CDE-DTTERM-COM B.11.31 CDE Terminal Emulator
CDE.CDE-ENG-A-HELP B.11.31 English Localized Help
CDE.CDE-ENG-A-MAN B.11.31 CDE Man Pages
CDE.CDE-ENG-A-MSG B.11.31 English Localized Message Catalog
CDE.CDE-FONTS B.11.31 CDE Font and Font Support
CDE.CDE-HELP-RUN B.11.31 CDE Help Runtime
CDE.CDE-HLP-RUN-CM B.11.31 CDE Help Runtime
CDE.CDE-ICONS B.11.31 CDE Icons and bitmaps
CDE.CDE-LANGS B.11.31 localized files
CDE.CDE-MIN B.11.31 CDE Minimum Runtime
CDE.CDE-MIN-COM B.11.31 CDE Minimum Runtime
CDE.CDE-RUN B.11.31 CDE Runtime
CDE.CDE-RUN-COM B.11.31 CDE Runtime
CDE.CDE-SHLIBS B.11.31 CDE Shared Libraries
CDE.CDE-SHLIBS-IA B.11.31 CDE IA Native Shared Libraries
CDE.CDE-TT B.11.31 CDE Messaging
CDE.CDE-TT-COM B.11.31 CDE Messaging
# PHSS_39409 1.0 CDE Applications Patch
PHSS_39409.CDE-ENG-A-MAN 1.0 CDE Man Pages
PHSS_39409.CDE-RUN 1.0 CDE Runtime
PHSS_39409.CDE-RUN-COM 1.0 CDE Runtime

One other comment. I noticed your prompt is 'bash-3.2# '. From this I imply that you are working as root with a bash shell. Root's shell should *always* be /sbin/sh or you will have problems when trying to boot in single user mode. The preferred method of working in the bash shell as root is to execute it as a subshell to /sbin/sh.
What is it that possesses otherwise sane individuals to change something just because it has not been changed in a while?
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Re: no CDE binaries installed


Verify others swinstall process.

# /sbin/init.d/swagentd stop
# ps -ef | grep -i sw|grep -v grep
# kill process
# /sbin/init.d/swagentd start

# swinstall -s ....


Valued Contributor

Re: no CDE binaries installed

Hi Prashant

Those files are correct ..

To use the CDE configure the following:

check the configuration in /usr/dt/config/Xaccess see if XDMCP is enable.

Then active the dtlogin:

/sbin/init.d/dtlogin.rc start

Then login to the machine using a X software.

Reply if you have any trouble.


Re: no CDE binaries installed

Hi All,

Thanks for ur replies. I got those packages in DVD 2. Got it running now.

James R. Ferguson
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: no CDE binaries installed


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