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no printing at all - hp3816

Occasional Contributor

no printing at all - hp3816

I have connected my HP Deskjet 3816 printer to the usb port.
my system is Linux (LFS), so please do not give me links to *.rpm or even *.exe files.

usb to my kernel like that:

<*> Support for USB
[*] Preliminary USB device filesystem

<*> EHCI HCD (USB 2.0) support (EXPERIMENTAL)
<*> UHCI Alternate Driver (JE) support

<*> USB Printer support

this entry to /etc/fstab:
usbdevfs /proc/bus/usb usbdevfs defaults 0 0

and this device:
mknod /dev/usblp0 c 180 0

Now a simple:
echo "blah" > /dev/usblp0
should at least give me a little "blah" printed somewhere onto the paper, shouldn't it? Well it did at first... Then I wanted to go further, installed:
cups (using the ppd file from here:
, gnu ghostscript, a2ps, foomatic, libxml2, psutils and also gimp-print after a while, because they all where mentioned in those lots of howtos i have already read.

When a print command is given to cups, it shuts down the installed printer. (confusing, eh?) And the above written echo-command gives me an even stranger behaviour:
The printinghead makes some movement, then it gets a sheet of paper, when it actually should print a line, the printinghead stays at its idle position moving about 5 millimeters for- and backwards. About 6 times with a time of 10 seconds idle between.
After this, the paper is thrown out and the "forward - backward" procedure starts a second time.

That was the printing procedure....

I am totally stuck, because the printer does perfectly under windows, so its not a printer error. Even more frustrating is the "works: perfectly". (have a Look at the link above)

Please everyone, do me a favor and help (for it's xmas, or something)

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Occasional Contributor

Re: no printing at all - hp3816

just added the *.exe thing because i have posted it on another hp forum before, just ignore ;)
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