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not getting X windows

shyam singh bisht
Occasional Advisor

not getting X windows

Hi! all

I have a pentium 3 machine with
intel 810 onboard VGA , 256MB RAM .

I have tried many times installing LINUX 8.0,
the installation is successful , but when it boots it stops at "configuiring kernel perameters" .

any help will be appereciated .

Stuart Browne
Honored Contributor

Re: not getting X windows

When you say "LINUX 8.0", I assume you mean RedHat Linux 8.0 ? If so, get a newer distribution (fedora core 3 at least).

Or do you perhaps mean a SuSE distribution? There's newer of that as well.

Either way, show us some more details, a few lines before the last message.
One long-haired git at your service...

Re: not getting X windows


Can you try with VESA generic as the display card and check if its working..

Occasional Contributor

Re: not getting X windows

It's been a while, but I've been successful running X using the generic SVGA server with the i810.

Check your loader configuration, are you running anything other than 80x25 text? If I recall correctly, anything else would cause me problems, I think the 810 has a problem with the framebuffer.
Trusted Contributor

Re: not getting X windows

Boot without "rhgb quiet" parameters. Edit grub from the grub boot
screen to do so.