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omniback 3.5 filas

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omniback 3.5 filas

when i run omniback 3.5 it runs fro some time it compleates about 10% and then it aborts saying
Conection To Media agent Broken ==>> aborting

it happens for only some hosts

please get back
A. Clay Stephenson
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: omniback 3.5 filas

Hi Karthik:
I've seen this many times and it is almost always network related. I suspect that you have a speed/duplex mismatch between some of the hosts and the switch. Surprisingly, you can have one end set to 10MB/s and the other end at 100MB/s and the connection will actually work although very poorly. Check your netting settings on both ends of each network connection and make certain they match. You can also check the logs in /var/opt/omni/log on both the cell server and clients for clues.
I've seen some instances where auto-negotiate works very poorly. Unless you are certain, I would hard set the speed/duplex on BOTH ends of EACH connection. I'm almost positive this will fix your problems assuming you have also installed the latest patches on both the server and the clients.

If it ain't broke, I can fix that.

Re: omniback 3.5 filas

Hi clay

Thank you for u advice it worked out

Karthik Narayanan