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online bkp error ORA-00942: table or view does not exist

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online bkp error ORA-00942: table or view does not exist

Hi ,

I am working on Hp-ux B.11.11 U as Unix admin , having oracle 10.2 and sap application running on it . we are facing the following error and need your assistance on same.

(1)While running online backup script we are facing the error with non zero return code as :--

BR0002I BRARCHIVE 7.00 (24)
BR0169I Value 'util_file_online' of parameter/option 'backup_dev_type/-d' ignored for 'brarchive' - 'util_file' assumed
BR0006I Start of offline redo log processing: aeaxlpwb.svd 2009-06-30 12.00.01
BR0484I BRARCHIVE log file: /oracle/STG/saparch/aeaxlpwb.svd
BR0477I Oracle pfile /oracle/STG/102_64/dbs/initSTG.ora created from spfile /oracle/STG/102_64/dbs/spfileSTG.ora
BR0280I BRARCHIVE time stamp: 2009-06-30 12.00.03
BR0301E SQL error -942 at location BrLicCheck-39, SQL statement:
ORA-00942: table or view does not exist

BR0007I End of offline redo log processing: aeaxlpwb.svd 2009-06-30 12.00.03
BR0280I BRARCHIVE time stamp: 2009-06-30 12.00.03
BR0005I BRARCHIVE terminated with errors
Return Code form brarchive is 3
brarchive Failed Tue Jun 30 12:00:03 EDT 2009
Perform Verify and Compression Check
Finished Online Backup Tue Jun 30 12:00:04 EDT 2009
logout root

(2) We have performed the system refresh activity on same server i.e copying the /oracle/PRD (data file) of production server in to /oracle/STG of STG server and then Sap-Basis team has modified parameter as per their requirement. ( I believe we are getting error after this activity )

I have enclosed the online backup script for your reference, Please suggest all possible solution to fix this issue also let me know any other information I can provide for further troubleshooting.

Thank you kindly.


Volker Borowski
Honored Contributor

Re: online bkp error ORA-00942: table or view does not exist


oh,oh. I guess your Basis team will not be happy for you leaking the system password :-)

Your brbackup runs with db-user "system" and password authentication.

The brarchive runs with non-password (OPS$) authentication (which in general is the better way). For this to work, the OPS$- Connect hast to be set up correctly.

Older scripts from SAP included the initialisation for OS-Users sidadm AND orasid. Some new Scripts only initialize
sidadm. So I assume something went wrong in that area.

Try the brarchive as "sidadm" first.
(or second best, if brbackup runs OK, start brarchive with user system [same as in brbackup])

I barely think your database has no SYS.SEG$ table. If it would be true, you would be in trouble :~)


sqlplus / as sysdba
desc sys.seg$

If this reports the table as non existent...
... busted

More likely scenario:
The new scripts haven been used.
OPS$-Connect did not work
OPS$ORASID User has been created manually,
but been granted the required sapdba_role.

But it could be quite a lot of stuff in between. Re-check the system-copy-guide,
if you did all the steps from the postactivities.

There is a SAP-Note describing how to setup
the OPS$ stuff manually.