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operating system resource quota exceeded

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operating system resource quota exceeded

ORA-12549: TNS:operating system resource quota exceeded

Above is the error message that we are receiving. We are running Oracle 10g on an 8-CPU Itanium server with 16 G of memory. We have several dataload processes that run on other servers but connect to this server to load data into the database. After several hours of running, this error starts to show up. Is there an OS parameter that I can up to solve this problem in the short term. I know I need to look into why the data load programs are not releasing resources as they run but those programs are out of my control.
Chan 007
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Re: operating system resource quota exceeded


I am not a DBA and not come across this problem. Just checked the net and found this.

From OS side, if you have PRM setup and running just provide more Memory/CPU, if not you have to check the DB-SQL coding why the RAM or CPU is not being released.

Steven E. Protter
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Re: operating system resource quota exceeded


seems your system is overloaded.

May help you find the problem.

Steven E Protter
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Indira Aramandla
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Re: operating system resource quota exceeded


As others mentioned your system is certainly overloaded.

Error "TNS:operating system resource quota exceeded"â is caused as the current user has exceeded the allotted resource assigned in the operating system. Check the sqlnet.log or listener.log file for detailed error stack information, such as an operating system error code to help identify which quota has been exceeded.

A quota or hard limit imposed by the operating system has been exceeded. Possible limits could be the maximum number of processes allowed for a single user, or the operating system is running low on paging space.

Acquire more operating system resource, or perform a different function. Increase the number of processes by setting the PROCESSES parameter in the database initialization file to a larger value.

Indira A

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Frank de Vries
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Re: operating system resource quota exceeded

Hi Blindwillie40

though problem to have indeed.
I see you have logged it on Metalink,
amazing that Oracle do not give more concrete directions.

Could well be a kind of bug or memory leak.

My guess is that it is not related to processes but to tcp-endpoints, but it
is hard to say.

Try tracing as much as you can, both
sql side as listener side and see if
there are any clues.

Sorry I can't be of more help.
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Re: operating system resource quota exceeded

It would be help to help you if your provide more information.

1. dmesg
2. syslog.log
3. If using PRM, then prmmonitor output
3. Any more messages, error codes?
4. swapinfo -mat
5. glance and check if you see any resource bottlenecked.
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Re: operating system resource quota exceeded

Thank you all for the responses. I had already upped the Oracle parameter for processes to 1000 which is what triggered this set of problems. The main issue that was discovered was that there were certain instances when the data load java programs were not closing their DB connections (of course I was assured this was not the case). Over the past 24 hours, we are not seeing the gradual uptick in connections to the DB and the gradual decline in the available memory on the DB server so perhaps this issue has been resolved.
Kent Ostby
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Re: operating system resource quota exceeded

Check your swap as well.

You should have 2 x RAM worth of device swap configured or 32 GB in your case to meet the recommendations of HP for minimum swap.
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