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optimizing HP-UX for Informix

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optimizing HP-UX for Informix

I am a Informix DBA.
I install/tune IDS 7.x on several platforms: WinNT4.0, Aix 4.x, SCO, HP-UX.
I found awkward difficulties on tuning Informix on Hp-UX 9000 10.20 machines.
The mix of Kernel Configuration Parameters w/ onconfig settings makes HP-UX a difficult platform to manage.
Can You tell me if there is a comprehensive guide for this?

Thank you in advance.

Navied Yousuf
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Re: optimizing HP-UX for Informix


site for kernel parameters info and the following site
for HP-UX tuning and performance guide.

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Ricardo Vazquez
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Re: optimizing HP-UX for Informix


IDS comes with some RELEASE notes, that include kernel configuration.

Informix web site also contains information about kernel configuration. You could also call Informix technical support and ask them to send you the suggested kernel configuration for your system.

Good luck.

Ricardo Vazquez.
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