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Hi everyone,

Please help me on how to provide work around solutions with the error that i've encountered with my db.

Below is the error produced.

Error: ORA 3120 two-task conversion routine: integer overflow

The said error encountered while running forms application.

oracle ver:
forms ver: 6
os ver : solaris 5.8

Does anyone know how?


Indira Aramandla
Honored Contributor

Re: ora-03120

Ho jonax,

Error: ORA 3120 "Two-task conversion routine: integer overflow". This error may be the cause due to the following.

May be an integer value in an internal Oracle structure overflowed when being sent or received over a heterogeneous connection. This can happen when an invalid buffer length or too great a row count is specified.

For this check parameters to Oracle calls. If the problem recurs, reduce all integer parameters, column values to less than 32767.

Or it could be due to a BUG in Oracle Server - Enterprise Edition 8.1.6, with Oracle Developer 6.0.8 when selecting ROWID gives the error due to a BUG 1420237.

Enterprise Edition 8.1.6 fact: Required Support Files (RSF) 8.0.6. A fix for this would be to apply Developer 6i patch 6, which includes RSF

Or when you create a stored procedure in report in program unit and when calling the procedure it may produce the error. For this the fix would be save the procedure in database and call it from report, without including it on client side.


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Sunil Kumar MK
Occasional Advisor

Re: ora-03120

Just to let you know:

You can get more information on errors by using the "oerr" utility:

Ex: If your error is ORA 3120 :

then at the Unix prompt type:
$> oerr ora 3120

Normaly you might get troubleshooting information as well.

Occasional Contributor

Re: ora-03120

Thanks for helping me. Have a nice day.