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ora-07445 exception encountered: core dump

Frequent Advisor

ora-07445 exception encountered: core dump

Dear all,

As i was observing my alert_log file.
I saw an error as

ORA-07445: exception encountered: core dump [11] [3221194504] [122224640] ]0] [] []
ORA-00600 internal error code, arguments : [17182], [85085216], [], [], [], [], []

This error was observed two times in my alert log file.

But my database was running succesufully.Even after this error.

Fenil Manek

I am not able to understand this error.
Massimo Bianchi
Honored Contributor

Re: ora-07445 exception encountered: core dump

ora 7445:

Error: ORA 7445 Text: exception encountered: core dump [%s] [%s] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cause: An OS exception occurred which should result in the creation of a core file. This is an internal error. Action: Contact your customer support representative. *** Important: The notes below are for experienced users - See [NOTE:22080.1] Diagnosis: ora 7445 indicates that oracle has detected a core dump when attempting a particular operation. This could happen almost anywhere in the code by definition as it is an unhandled exception. To identify a bug you need to look at the first argument after the 7445 error as this identifies the module where the exception was raised. This may not be populated in some cases. Use this together with the stack produced to identify a bug if possible. Bugs: *** Please Check these - DO NOT TAKE THIS AS DEFINITIVE *** Bug Number Description Logged Fixed ~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ [BUG:424581] CORE DUMP IN KCBGTCR Stack: kcbgtcr ktrgtc kdifxr rixfxa raefch [BUG:396384] SESSION TERMINATES ABRUPTLY WHEN INSERT WITH 7.3.4 UNION CLAUSE INTO TABLE WITH A DEFAULT CONSTRAINT [BUG:404860] In opi* routines. session_cached_cursors>0 7.3 7.3.3 Generally from forms sessions. [BUG:380661] Generally in lx* or kksfft. 7.3 7.3.3 [BUG:479720] ORA 7445 WHEN GRANTING SELECT ON A VIEW WITH 7.3.3 FUNCTIONS IN IT. [BUG:516642] ORA-7445 [4][9][0][][] or ORA-7445 [11] 7.3.3 on HP when db_file_multiblock_read_count *db_block_size > 64K [BUG:640511] ORA_7445 [10][0][0][0], epc_init in the stack, tracefiles written to OH/rdbms/log not bdump Check out EPC_DISABLED=TRUE [NOTE:45482.1] 7.3.4.x

It may be related to the ora600.

The Ora-600 [17182] & the [17181] are memory (heap) errors. It is often suggested to run system diagnostics and check OS system logs for related memory errors.

These errors are difficult to diagnose and resolve though the forums, it would be best to file an iTAR for interactive assistance and support. You can use the TARs button from within MetaLink to file an iTAR for this issue.

I don't want to worry you... just reporting !


Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: ora-07445 exception encountered: core dump

This is a pretty general error code, almost as useless as ORA-0600.

It would seem to indicate there was some kind of termination of connectivity. You might want to check help desk or user reports, or simply search your system for core files or oracle dump files.

There is probably something out there and after you beat up on Oracle support you might be able to resolve it.

These things tend not to get better without agressive investigation, they tend to get worse.

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation
Honored Contributor

Re: ora-07445 exception encountered: core dump

Try to issue VALIDATE STRUCTURE against tables:

This error may be caused by corrupted obbjects, and you may need to create trace file when this error occurs, did the ora-7445 only occur for a particular query or any query executing using parallel query?

Honored Contributor

Re: ora-07445 exception encountered: core dump


i would suggest that you create a tar on Metalink. ORA-0600 error are critical errors in general.

Metalink engineers are good support for these types of errors.

I have solved several problems with their help in the past.

best regards
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