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oracle 10g rac patches

Rashid Hamid
Regular Advisor

oracle 10g rac patches

HI All
I'm about to install Oracle 10g rac on rx4640. Before i can do that, I need to install the patches as follow the instruction in

There are 3 patches could not go in,
PHSS_29655, PHSS_29656 and PGSS_29657

Attached is the swagent log file.
I'm Parit Madirono/Parit Betak Boyz
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Re: oracle 10g rac patches

hi Rashid,

Seems like you are trying to install a patch for the aC++ compiler and since the product is not installed on your system, the patch will not install.

please confirm if am right!


hope this helps!

kind regards
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Re: oracle 10g rac patches

Fabio Ettore
Honored Contributor

Re: oracle 10g rac patches

Hi Rashid,

Yogeeraj is right...You cannot install those patches since there isn't aC++ installed. The most important message is:

NOTE: The patch fileset "PHSS_29655.ACXX-HELP,r=1.0" may only be
installed upon a previously installed base fileset. The
specification for this base fileset is
"ACXX.ACXX-HELP,fr=C.05.50,v=HP". Since there is no fileset
on the target or selected from the source which matches this
specification, fileset "PHSS_29655.ACXX-HELP,r=1.0" will be

The same for PHSS_29656 and PHSS_29657.

I remember that I saw that similar message for other products too but I always saw it like an ERROR. Instead on HP-UX 11.23 it results just like a NOTE. Good to know, so this thread said me a new thing :-)

Best regards,