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oracle 8.1.4 writtable files

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Super Advisor

oracle 8.1.4 writtable files

We are doing a security audit on world writable files.
ORACLE_HOME has a crap load of other writable files.
Can these be changed to:
chmod o-w *


Ben Dehner
Trusted Contributor

Re: oracle 8.1.4 writtable files

Ouch. It almost looks like there was a bad umask when Oracle was installed.

In my experience, none of that stuff ever has to be world-writable. I checked out our 8.1.7 and 7.3.4 installs, and nothing was world-write. You should be safe doing the "chmod o-w *"
Trust me, I know what I'm doing
T G Manikandan
Honored Contributor

Re: oracle 8.1.4 writtable files

Yeah, you need to check your umask on the server.


it should be 022 generally.

yeah, you can remove the write permissions for the others group and the directories you have pointed above are the ones related to log files mostly.
BTW, can you give a listing of your ./bin directory before we change the permissions.Thanks