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oracle 8.1.7 installation

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Occasional Advisor

oracle 8.1.7 installation

i'm trying to install the oracle 8.1.7 on my system through java aplite.
if i mount the first cd it goes fine, but when it askes about the second cd i cann't mount always it sayes device is busy. i cann't unmount using pfs_umount with the first cd and the cd do not eject.
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Kurt Beyers.
Honored Contributor

Re: oracle 8.1.7 installation

Just start the OraInstaller by using the full pathname from for instance the root filesystem. Don't do a change directory to the CDROM/DVD first and start the OraInstaller from there. You'll be able to do a pfs_umount then while the java applet keeps running.

If you've started the OraInstaller after a change directory towards the CDROM, I think you can do a change directory to for instance / when you need to change the directory and the pfs_umount will work as well.

Honored Contributor

Re: oracle 8.1.7 installation

while installing oracle you will be having 2 windows (one each for root and oracle) you will be doing mounting and unmounting from root, whereas runInstaller from oracle, you might be in /cdrom dir in oracle. when applet is running, oracle's window will be in background, Just press "enter" which gives you the oracle shell and do, cd ..

In the root window pfs_umount.
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Re: oracle 8.1.7 installation

Andreas D. Skjervold
Honored Contributor

Re: oracle 8.1.7 installation


Run the installer with full path:

If you've already started the installer with the cdrom as working directory and try to pfs_umount and gets device busy, you might kill the user process using:
fuser -cuk /cdrom

This will kill you user session, but when I did this the Oracle Installer continued to work anyway, and I could mount the 2nd CD.

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Henrique Silva_3
Regular Advisor

Re: oracle 8.1.7 installation

If you have the disk space, simply copy the contents of the cds to disk and install it from there. It is MUCH faster and cleaner, although I am having problems with an install right now, but I think I have a bad set of files on my second cd.

All you have to do is copy the first CD to a directory called /disk1 and the second to /disk2. These do not have to be at the root level. You can copy them somewhere and then, setup a symbolic link to /disk1 and /disk2 pointing to where the files do reside. Then, all you have to do is start the installation from disk1, such as

/disk1/runInstaller and you should be on your way !!!

I hope this helps,

Henrique Silva
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