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oracle 9i app server with java

steven Burgess_2
Honored Contributor

oracle 9i app server with java

Hi All

I have posted this in microsoft area as it is running on $$$2k machine.

I do though think it's oracle/java related

Any ideas

java version ""
Oracle 9i application server release

The most recent patch has been applied also.

[Thu May 01 17:56:36 2003] [warn] OPM: EW: Process baewebs22a:1312
(pid:3724) died, restarting.
[Thu May 01 17:56:39 2003] [warn] OPM: EW: Process baewebs22a:1315
(pid:4024) died, restarting.
[Thu May 01 17:56:41 2003] [crit] (10038)An operation was attempted on
something that is not a socket: Parent: WSADuplicateSocket failed for
socket 428.
[Thu May 01 17:56:41 2003] [error] (2)No such file or directory:
master_main: create child process failed. Exiting.
[Thu May 01 17:57:41 2003] [error] forcing termination of child #0 (handle

the process that is dying and restarting are multiple instances of
java.exe, this occurs about 30 times over a few minutes period.
When the WSADuplicate error kicks in this causes the
oracleisuiteshttpserver service to drop out.

I have deregistered and reregisted the httpserver service but still getting
no where

Thanks in advance


take your time and think things through
T G Manikandan
Honored Contributor

Re: oracle 9i app server with java

Got this info from Metalink

As you are receiving error number 2-no file or dir
the process is looking up for some file
//There is an env variable called wv_gateway_cfg which is used for Portal and Apache listener seems to be not reading this as the path for the file could be incorrect. Make sure that the path you have given for this file is correct..
By default this is in 9ias_home/apache/modplsql/cfg folder.