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oracle Financial application HW requirement

Burhan Koni

oracle Financial application HW requirement

Hi Guys
will you help me decide the hardware requirements (diskspace, Memory, CPU)to install oracle Financial application 11i on HP9000 K class server.
Is it neccery to have graphics device??

Honored Contributor

Re: oracle Financial application HW requirement


In my case i have a single instance, i have 5 GB seperately for oracle, RAM 256 MB and single CPU, this will suffice.

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Raghava Reddy
Occasional Advisor

Re: oracle Financial application HW requirement


You will need:
10 GB for a temporary staging area, since all the CDs must first be copied to disk
15 GB for each independent application instance
5 GB for application patches (if you keep old patches lying around on disk, less if you don't)
a minimum of 20 GB for the database (if you are upgrading an existing database, add 15 GB to its size)

The temporary staging area can be recovered and used for other purposes after the install.


I can't give you a categorical answer without knowing your workload. As a rule of thumb, I recommend a minimum of 2 GB RAM, and 1500 MHz of PA-RISC processing power. This will handle upto 50 concurrent users. For every additional user, add 30 MB RAM and 30 MHz processing power.

If you have more than 50 concurrent users, you should look beyond the K-class to the N-class or rp7400/rp8400 servers.

Bear in mind that the maximum amount of memory you can configure will be constrained by whether your OS is 64-bit or 32-bit. Also, if you're using the 32-bit Oracle Server, your SGA cannot exceed 1.75 GB (this is the shared memory limit for all 32-bit applications running in a single memory window).