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oracle database schedule shutdown

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Krishnan Kutty
Occasional Contributor

oracle database schedule shutdown

I've oracle installed on hpux 11.11. I need to shutdown the database and then the server at a scheduled time. Can anybody help me with the script.

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Krishnan Kutty

Re: oracle database schedule shutdown

First the script - put into a file (say /home/nielg/shut)

export $ORACLE_SID
svrmgrl <connect internal
shutdown immediate
shutdown -y 0

(remember to make the script executable)

Next to enable it all:

as root:

edit /etc/shutdown.allow
add the name of the oracle user in there

also add the name of the oracle user to /var/adm/cron/at.allow

now decide on the time you want it to run (say 10 PM tonight)

as the oracle user:

at -f /home/nielg/shut 2200

Hope that helps
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Re: oracle database schedule shutdown


Use Neil script but recomment to use
su - oracle -c <script name>
place this in root's cron job for schedule down only database.

if you want to down both OS and database , add database shutdown script in rc.
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