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oracle error 257

oracle error 257

Hi everyone

The Oracle database has complained with an error 257 which means that the output device is full...sure enough the /var/opt/oracle/oradata/archive directory is at 100%. I am unable to start openview, but Im not too sure what all the .arc files in that directory are. Can I delete some to make some space there? Is there somewhere documentation related to this issue?

Thanks for your help
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Alan Casey
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Re: oracle error 257

You should compress the files, and should be able to delete the old ones.

You should only delete files from before your last Full oracle export.

These files are created as the database is in archive mode.
Justo Exposito
Esteemed Contributor

Re: oracle error 257

Hi Kylie,

I suppose that this is your archive logs directory for Oracle database, then you must copy the files to other disk or to a tape, then you can remove it.


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A. Clay Stephenson
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Re: oracle error 257


You can copy the lower sequenced files to another directory and then start the database. You really should have a cron process to remove these old archives or your problem will reoccur.
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