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Re: oracle rac iscsi without SG


oracle rac iscsi without SG


can someone can tell me if it possible to install oracle rac 11gr2 on hp-ux 11v3 on iscsi without service guard?

storage will be p4500.

thanks for any reply
Emil Velez
Honored Contributor

Re: oracle rac iscsi without SG

Yes you have to use ASM or NFS for the RAC Storage.

Its hard.. Best way is to use CFS and ServiceGuard.

Re: oracle rac iscsi without SG

great to ear, but let me understand why it is hard... because some iscsi restriction or some sort of limitation of iscsi initiator on hp-ux.

i hope you can answer me

Thanks again
Juan Manuel Naranjo A.
Frequent Advisor

Re: oracle rac iscsi without SG

Hello: please follow the documents:

Oracle® Database
Release Notes
11g Release 2 (11.2) for HP-UX
February 2011



Oracle® Grid Infrastructure
Installation Guide
11g Release 2 (11.2) for HP-UX



Be aware of file onwership, group &  permisions for asm deices if you are planinig to use raw devices.


Best Regards



Re: oracle rac iscsi without SG

Well HP don't certify iSCSI for Serviceguard with their HP-UX software iSCSI initiators due to potential IO fencing issues - for a straight RAC cluster without Serviceguard you will have to ask Oracle - their support site is pretty vague - the RAC FAQ seems to indicate support for Windows and Linux, but says nothing about other platforms. I would want a formal statement from Oracle before I would consider doing this.

I am an HPE Employee
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