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oracle upgrade on mscg

mark yeo

oracle upgrade on mscg

Hi. I am upgrading my SAP Oracle from 8.1.7 to My instance is on a MSCG with one package. The productive node is PRD while the adoptive node is UAT. Currently,there is a check of disk space required and i have concerns with the below

2) /oracle/stage 3000MB
3) /oracle 500MB

In additional, both (2) and (3) are on root filesystem. I planned to move them out on separate filesystems. My understanding is that for extending, its a normal way of command based. However, for new filesystems, i will have to do more stuff.

My steps are as belows (for filesystem /oracle/stage ) :

1) In PRD, Create new filesystem
lvcreate -L 3200 -n lv92064 /dev/pvg70
newfs -F vxfs /dev/vg01/rpvg70
mount /dev/vg01/rpvg70 /oracle/stage/920_64

2) In PRD, Create a new volume group map file and copy to my UAT.
vgexport -pvs -m /etc/lvmconf/ pvg70
rcp /etc/lvmconf/ UAT:/etc/lvmconf

3) In UAT, record the VG minor number
ll /dev/pvg70/group
crw-rw-rw- 1 root sys 64 0x020000
vgexport -v pvg70

4) In UAT, Recreate the /dev directroy and 'group' file, using the minor number recorded previously
mkdir /dev/pvg70
mknod /dev/pvg70/group c 64 0x020000

5) In UAT, Re-import the volume group, using the map file transferred to the host:
vgimport -vs -m /etc/lvmconf/ pvg70

6) In UAT, make mount directory is Item (1) which is /oracle/stage/920_64

7) In PRD, modify my package control script to add new lvol and mount and distribute.
increment the array number.

8) Copy this to UAT

9) Cheers!

Any other advise?