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oracle vs sybase

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oracle vs sybase


Can someone explain the main way in which oracle works on unix compared to sybase, please?

It's just that I heard a DB admin speak of the the 2 are fundamentally different and wanted a 3rd opinion from another db admin.

Have already googled this question...

Frank de Vries
Respected Contributor

Re: oracle vs sybase

Indeed that is true.
The sql engine is constructed differently,
the interfaces are different.
Even the terminology are different.
A definition of a segment and tablespace in Oracle are not the same for Sybase.

Apart from that they are both databases,
that is to say they serve a similar purpose,
that is to store data, and deal with data integrity and have rollback and redo facilities, albeit differently implemented.

Hope that clears the fog a bit...
Look before you leap
Srikanth Arunachalam
Trusted Contributor

Re: oracle vs sybase


I have used both Sybase and Oracle. Both Sybase and Oracle are RDBMS and they do not differ much as far as RDBMS concepts are concerned. Since they are different product, they exhibit different features. You may use the following link to identify the difference between Oracle and Sybase.