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oracle6i/samba migration to oracle10/unix

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oracle6i/samba migration to oracle10/unix

hi all

1. I have a samba share on the dome that consolidated about 20 windows boxes running oracle6i forms n reports.

2. we now have 4 rp4440s (hpux) behind a load balancer running oracle10 forms n reports.

theyre trying to migrate from step 1. to step 2.

heres the prblm:

window (and/or) oracle6i doesn’t seem to care about case, unix does. so in trying to convert millions(?) of these forms and reports

from windows to unix, that’s the prblm. the unix (and/or) oracle10 has the lower case embedded in web pages.

the client is asking me if there is a way to either convert or preserver the samba share

thx in advance

Eric Antunes
Honored Contributor

Re: oracle6i/samba migration to oracle10/unix

Hi pasquale,

You can try to isolate your issue(s) with one form:

1- migrate from forms & reports 6i to 10g in windows;
2- migrate from wind to hpux;

Best Regards,

Eric Antunes
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