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partition table reload

I am trying to install diskdump using a script.

The steps I am taking are as follows:

I use fdisk to convert the remaining free space on a drive into a partition for use with diskdump.

In order to format the partition (service diskdump initialformat). I need to load it into the partition table. The closest I have gotten to this is by using two commands:

kpartx -a /dev/cciss/c0d03

This did work the first time I attempted it. However when I tried to repeat this, (after wiping out the diskdump config, and removing the partition of course) - after a reboot /boot had bad blocks.

I think this is occurring because I am reloading the partition table from a drive that has mounted partitions (/dev/cciss/c0d01 and c0d02).

Is there any way to perform this, without spliting the script after the partitioning and rebooting?
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Re: partition table reload

If you really have bad blocks then you have a hardware problem. However, the cciss controller should hide any bad blocks from you so you shouldn't see them. Are you sure it wasn't some other error?

In the past I've seen partprobe fail to pick up changes on a cciss device unless I gave it the whole disk device (ie "partprobe /dev/cciss/c0d0"). You can check /proc/partitions to make sure the kernel sees what you think it's supposed to see.

I have used partprobe like this a number of times on RHEL3 and RHEL4 and have not had problems.
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Re: partition table reload

Is it possible if u configured LVM and more over it will be easy for u.

Let me know the script content pls for further analysis

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