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password must be atleast 12 characters long -- how ?

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Valued Contributor

password must be atleast 12 characters long -- how ?

How can I configure/set/implement the minimum lenght of password ?

I did the following

in /etc/login.defs


But it doesnt work, i.e. even now users can set their password of only 6 characters.

And what I want is that password must be atleast 12 characters long.

Thanks In Advance

Chris Xu
Trusted Contributor

Re: password must be atleast 12 characters long -- how ?

Add minlen=12 at the line begining with password in /etc/pam.d/passwd if you have a line like the below:

password required nullok md5 shadow minlen=12

Chris Xu
Trusted Contributor

Re: password must be atleast 12 characters long -- how ?

Sorry I think I gave your incorrect info. Here is the right answer to achieve minimun 12 chars in password.

Your /etc/pam.d/passwd should look like:
auth required service=system-auth
account required service=system-auth
password required service=system-auth

In your /etc/pam.d/system-auth file, add this minlen=12 to the line like below:
password required /lib/security/$ISA/ retry=3 type=

So your modified line should look like:
password required /lib/security/$ISA/ retry=3 type= minlen=12