Re: pavilion 8603/mouse+keyboard lockup redhat setup


pavilion 8603/mouse+keyboard lockup redhat setup

I have just purchased a hp pavilion 8603 and am trying to install redhat 5.2
from cd.Boots up from
the cd ok and i select my packages which go in ok
then there is the intel 810e chipset intergration
relating to ?which graphic card?/my modem not being
reconised?pos win-modem?coxegent soft56k?/my moniter isn't listed being a hp 15
inch M50 therefore using generic monitor?/my hp-mouse being reconised at the
install time as a ps2 type?generic ps/2?but it has 3 buttons of sorts with
roller wheel in middle one for scrolling?stumped?driver for linux?/and because
my keyboard is one of these new hp enhanced ones with cdrom-vol-internet
buttons etc locks up the install program before completing right at the end
because I can't type in letters to the password dialogue box or numbers but can
tab/space/enter and use function keys/tested install on a hp pavilion 8316 with
similiar hardware and same lockup in install programme at password dialogue box
at end of setup script so can't finish installation of my redhat 5.2/note I can
reach function keys and run bash - mc etc during this lockup though/sounds like
any hp-keyboard or any hp-mouse needs special drivers and ?810e??? graphics
data ? my system has a 500 mhz pIII cpu etc
Chuck Slivkoff
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Re: pavilion 8603/mouse+keyboard lockup redhat setup

RH 5.2 is too old for compatibility with your HW. Get an updated copy of a
current distribution, & start from there.

The i810 chipset is supported in the latest XFree86.

There appears to be a beta driver for the Audio board available at:

The modem Aztech Conexant 56KD/F seems to be a winmodem:

The M50 (D5258A) has the following characteristics:

Horizontal Frequency: 30-54 kHz
Vertical Frequency: 50-100 Hz
Dot rate: 65 Mhz
Max Resolution / Refresh: 1024x768 @ 60 Hz

The scroll-wheel (5-button) mice are supported in current XFree86 bits.

The keyboard scan codes for the multi-media functions are not recognized by
Linux at this time.