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Occasional Contributor



I am trying to mount my Oracle installation disk with an entry in my /etc/pfs_fstab file:
/dev/dsk/c1t2d0 /SD_CDROM pfs-rrip xlat=unix 0 0
and the following commands:

# nohup pfs_mountd &
# nohup pfsd &
# pfs_mount /SD_CDROM

The following error message appears:
pfs_mount: pfs_mountd at servername:/dev/dsk/c1t2d0 not
responding: : RPC: Timed out

pfs_mountd: can't contact pfs_mountd.rpc: servername: RPC_PMAP_FAILURE -

Would appreciate any help :)
Dan Hetzel
Honored Contributor

Re: pfs_mount

Hi Robert,

Here is a small script to start the daemons (thanks to Stefan Farrelly)

# Start pfs daemons

X=`ps -ef|grep pfs|grep -v grep|wc -l`
if [ $X -gt 1 ]
echo "nPFS processes already running! n"
ps -ef|grep pfs|grep -v grep
exit 1
cd /tmp
nohup /usr/sbin/pfs_mountd -v &
sleep 10
nohup /usr/sbin/pfsd 4 -v &
sleep 10

# To mount a Rock-Ridge CD-ROM
# /usr/sbin/pfs_mount -x unix -o nosuid /dev/rdsk/c3t2d0 /SD_CDROM

# To mount an Oracle CD see /etc/pfs_fstab, just do> pfs_mount /SD_CDROM

# NOTE: use /dev/rdsk for CD device, its more reliable

/usr/sbin/pfs_mount /SD_CDROM

PFS is a third party product which has been patched a few times. Make sure that you have installed the latest cumulative patch.
for 10.20:PHCO_15453
for 11.0: PHCO_16438

The following documents could be useful as well:
# KBAN00000252 (PFS to mount Oracle, Rockridge and most PC formatted CD-ROM 11.x)
# KBAN00000197 (PFS to mount Oracle, Rockridge and most PC formatted CD-ROM 10.x)

Best regards,

Everybody knows at least one thing worth sharing --
Thomas Kollig
Trusted Contributor

Re: pfs_mount

Andrew Byrne
Frequent Advisor

Re: pfs_mount

I could be wrong but isn't your CD likely to be c2t2d0 not c1t2d0. Depending on the machine, c0t2d0 and c1t2d0 are generally internal disks.
Sorry if you've already checked.
Honored Contributor

Re: pfs_mount

Have got your NFS portmapper daemon up and running?
PFS does need it, so do a
ps -ef | egrep "rpcbind|portmap"
to check for it. HP-UX 10.20 calls it "portmap" or even
"portmapper", whereas HP-UX 11.x calls it "rpcbind".
Occasional Contributor

Re: pfs_mount


dan: ran the patch and script, started the daemons and pfs_mounted the CD but same error

thomas: still nothing here

andrew: c1t2d0 is correct....checked

wodisch: rpdbind started already

i think it may be something to do with the RPCs guys. After starting the daemons and doing a ps -ef|grep pfs, both pfs_mountd.rpc and pfsd.rpc show. However after a failed attempt to mount the CD, ps -ef|grep pfs doesnt show them anymore.

and the following message flashes on my screen:

pfs_mountd: can't contact pfs_mountd.rpc: servername: RPC_PMAP_FAILURE - RPC_TIMED_OUT

pfsd: can't contact pfsd.rpc: servername: RPC_PMAP_FAILURE - RPC_TIMED_OUT

any idea?
regards :)
Andrew Byrne
Frequent Advisor

Re: pfs_mount

Could be a long shot but is name resolution working properly? If you do a nslookup on your hostname does it report back correctly, if not, that is your problem.
Scott Howell
Occasional Advisor

Re: pfs_mount

Make sure you have name resolution set up correctly. Do a nslookup on the machine you are trying to mount the CD on. If you do not get a lookup then add your hostname and ip to the /etc/hosts and set nsswitch.conf in /etc to search /etc/hosts first before DNS. see man switch for more info on nsswitch.conf. There is and example nsswitch.conf in /usr/newconfig/etc that you can use as a template. But pfs_mount is very temperamental!!!
Occasional Contributor

Re: pfs_mount


this is what i did:
1) in the /etc/rc.config.d/nfsconf file

NFS_CLIENT=1 <---changed to 1 from 0

Then issue the following commands to restart the nfs server and client processes.
# /sbin/init.d/nfs.server start
# /sbin/init.d/nfs.client start

2)did a nslookup hostname to resolve name and made the necessary changes to the /etc/hosts file.

3)ran the pfs daemons and managed to pfs_mount the cd.

Thanks guys :)