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printing to a dos application

Robert Urie
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printing to a dos application

We need to redirect a dos print job to a virtual lpt1 port using a jetdirect 500x. I need to use a net use command but do not know the syntax. The jet direct has a ip but I am not sure of the printer name.
Michael Williams_6
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Re: printing to a dos application

Hmm, not sure you can print direct to a jetdirect printer from DOS without installing the drivers. Someone may prove me wrong! It's been a while since I used DOS, but here's a workaround:

1. Install the jetdirect printer as a windows printer on your local machine itself. If your machine isn't actually windows, then find a machine that is and install it there.
2. Share that printer in Windows.
3. Run the following command:

net use lpt1 \\{printer share machine name}\{printer name}

This should succeed, if you type "net use", it will show you the connected devices:

C:\Documents and Settings\michaelw>net use
New connections will not be remembered.

Status Local Remote Network

OK LPT1 \\roc\apple Microsoft Windows Network
The command completed successfully.

If this solution is not good, then I believe if you wish to connect remotely to a jetdirect printer you need to install the Print Services for UNIX on a Windows machine and copy the lpr/lp/lpstat command to the dos box, which should then enable you to print directly to the IP Address