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problem connecting with Windows 7 VDT


problem connecting with Windows 7 VDT

Running 11.31 on HP blade servers.  

I recently installed some QPK patches, critical patches and some sofware upgrades to some servers.  Since then, our DBA's cannot connect using Windows 7 VDT.  they were able to before.  They get a "connection refused" message.  Any ideas?  we are having trouble finding the cause.  Along with March 2014 QPK, and some other critical patches, i installed updates listed in the attachement.


any ideas would be appreciated.





Patrick Wallek
Honored Contributor

Re: problem connecting with Windows 7 VDT

The "connection refused" error sounds like some sort of firewall may have been implemented during your upgrades.


The patches should not have affected this, but "some sofware upgrades", depending on what those upgrades were, could have an impact like that.