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problem on Oracle 8.1.7 MTS


problem on Oracle 8.1.7 MTS

Hi all,
below is the problem I meet.
problem discription:
Mainframe:HP V2500
operation system: HP-UNIX 11.0

We use MTS to our system. But it causes some problems. After a period time of running, oracle will find dead multi-thread server.And core files come out.Also we use profile to limit our client resource.We don't know if they all cause the problem.

The attched is the core file form oracle.??????
Alexander M. Ermes
Honored Contributor

Re: problem on Oracle 8.1.7 MTS

Hi there.
You got one BIG problem.
First thing is to report all the different errors marked as ORA-00600 to Oracle support.
This has to inculde the arguments in the brackets.
If you have fixed these, you may get your database up and try the next steps.
The ORA-00600 error args are not open to the public as far as i know.
You should be able to start the database after you fixed these.
Then go for the rest of the errors.
This is a step by step procedure you have to go through.
First fix the big ones, then go for the others.
Alexander M. Ermes
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