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problems in configuring "asyncdsk" parameter in for sybase

Anu Mathew
Valued Contributor

problems in configuring "asyncdsk" parameter in for sybase

Hi there,

We're having some trouble in configuring the asyncdsk driver on 10.20 upon K460 for Sybase. Sybase folks say that only "asyncdsk" should be present and we were trying to implement that.

In the particular system, pending state of "asyncdsk" is "In" , also, the state of "asyncdsk_included" is also "In". But in all other systems (where Sybase works cool), "asyncdsk_included" is "Out".

We tried to remove asyncdsk_included from the kernel. SAM told to remove "asyncdsk" first, and then try on "asyncdisk_included". Well, removed both the drivers, re-built the kernel and once the system came up, we tried to add "asyncdsk" driver in, and it was observed that "asyncdsk_included" also gets in automatically.

Please note that in working systems with same model and H/w, we got only "asyncdsk" in. "asyncdsk_included" is out there. We want to have only asyncdsk in and keep out all other stuff.

Your responses would be greatly appreciated

Thanks and regards

Anu Mathew
Jesper Sivertsen
Frequent Advisor

Re: problems in configuring "asyncdsk" parameter in for sybase

Hi there

Cine you are running 10.20 you can easaly build a kernel by hand.

Go to /stand/build
copy the /stand/system file to /stand/build/system

Change the /stand/build/system file so that only the correct driver is in. Use your editor.

All the drivers names is in the system file, and you can easaly remove or insert a driver.

Build a new kernel by: mk_kernel -s ./system
Move the new kernel into place:
mv /stand/vmunix /stand/vmunix.prev
mv /stand/build/vmunix_test /stand/vmunix
reboot the system.

God luck

All in unix is files