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ps and top --- FAIL

Dan Am
Frequent Advisor

ps and top --- FAIL

RH 6.1 on a Kayak workstation:

ps and top throw
"segmentation fault"

kernel rebuild makes no change
same behavior on 8 workstations

what gives ?

any advice would be appreciated

do what you can. don't if you can't.
Albert E. Whale, CISSP
Honored Contributor

Re: ps and top --- FAIL

I've seen this on several types of TERM settings.

Have you updated the top and ps RPMs?

What terminal setting are you using?

Did this just start happening or has this been the case from the beginning?
Sr. Systems Consultant @ ABS Computer Technology, Inc. &
Tim Malnati
Honored Contributor

Re: ps and top --- FAIL

Both these functions are part of the procps rpm module set. The original install of 6.1 should have version 2.0.4-2. I suggest that you perform a 'rpm -qa |grep procps' to determine what version you have installed.

I just upgraded my test box to RedHat 7.0 and I'm seeing some definite problems with 'top' when the machine is heavily loaded that were not there two weeks ago when I was running 6.1. The problem may be in this version set, but may be a problem with the newer kernel or associated libraries.