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psd_proc_cnt and psd_max_proc_cnt question

eric wang_2
Frequent Advisor

psd_proc_cnt and psd_max_proc_cnt question

what is the different between
_T_LONG_T psd_proc_cnt; /* MP: number of active processors */
_T_LONG_T psd_max_proc_cnt; /* MP: max active processors */
Rita C Workman
Honored Contributor

Re: psd_proc_cnt and psd_max_proc_cnt question

According to iCOD documentation:

In the past, a call to pstat_getdynamic returned fields psd_proc_cnt (number of active processors) and psd_max_proc_cnt (max active = processors), and they usually had the same value. This is because all processors in the system are usually active. Consequently, these fields could be used interchangeably even though they had different meanings. With iCOD these fields are no longer interchangeable. Care must be taken to use the proper field for the intended use.

For more information...take a look at: