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purpose for oracle 9i client

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purpose for oracle 9i client

Dear Sirs,

We are using dedicated oracle 9i database server. Our some of the team member are planning to install oracle client for siteminder policy server install on hpux11i.

I was thinking if we already have oracle 9i database server then why do we need oracle 9i client ?
Per my opinion the days of client server computing has gone away and nowadays we are connecting through type 1, type 2 , type 3 and type 4 jdbc connection to the main database server.

Chan 007
Honored Contributor

Re: purpose for oracle 9i client


You are using SM for your security and providing policy for users.

You tell me now do you need your endusers (whom you don't know) reach your DB server for authenticating.

My setup is very complex, we have OID which communicates with SM using LDAP and on authentication reaches the DB.

Hope this helps
Honored Contributor

Re: purpose for oracle 9i client

Hi Shiv,

Oracle client is used to connect to databse from any machine where it is installed. Now, why your team mate plans to install it on Siteminder policy server ? What is the scope of it ? He or she can access it from any other installations.

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Steven E. Protter
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Re: purpose for oracle 9i client


The purpose of the client is to enable database connectivity from the client to the database server.

The client is designed for client server mode of access.

Oracle prefers and is moving to a web based client interface which requires java and oracle web based client, which works with a browser.

To decide which to use depends on the application that is going to be running for access. Its application dependent in other words.

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation