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python 2.2.1 install on hp-ux 11.11

Mike_Ca Li
Regular Advisor

python 2.2.1 install on hp-ux 11.11

I followed the instructions for the install on hp-ux 11.00 from the link below,,0x02275bd3782dd711abdc0090277a778c,00.html
I did:
swinstall -s /apps2
I get the following error:
There is currently no depot software on host "server" at location "/apps2". Make sure that an absolute pathname is specified for ???????? ??
???? ?? location (beginning with "/").

The default source "/apps2" does not exist or is not a valid source ???? ??
?????????? and there are no other registered depots on server. You can type ???????? ??
???? ?? in the depot path on this host or choose a different host.

server:/apps2 {197}> ls
archive python-2.2.1
backup python-2.2.1-sd-11.00.depot
lost+found python-2.2.1-sd-11.20.depot
Umapathy S
Honored Contributor

Re: python 2.2.1 install on hp-ux 11.11

Give the full path of the file after swinstall -s

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Mark Greene_1
Honored Contributor

Re: python 2.2.1 install on hp-ux 11.11

Try this:

swinstall -s /apps2/python-2.2.1-sd-11.00.depot

This assumes all of your defaults for swinstall are correct for you environment. Man swinstall for more info.

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Mike_Ca Li
Regular Advisor

Re: python 2.2.1 install on hp-ux 11.11

I am using swinstall -s /apps2/python-2.2.1-sd-11.00.depot
What else am I missing? Thanks.
"server:/apps2/python-2.2.1-sd-11.00.depot": You do not have the ?? ??
???????? required permissions to perform this operation. Check permissions ??????????
?? ?? using the "swacl" command or see your system administrator for ?? ??
???????? assistance. Or, to manage applications designed and packaged for ?????? ??
???? ?? nonprivileged mode, see the "run_as_superuser" option in the "sd" man ?? ^ ??
???? ?? page.
T G Manikandan
Honored Contributor

Re: python 2.2.1 install on hp-ux 11.11

Do the installation using root.

Still you face the same problem rebounce your swagentd

#/usr/sbin/swagentd -r