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question about HP 635 / ITE IT8518E SuperIO

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question about HP 635 / ITE IT8518E SuperIO

Sorry this is a re-post but it was suggested by the team there to post in the commercial forums. It is partially hardware related but also a Linux topic so I first chose to post it here.


shortened for faster readability :-)


Hello HP forum


I am quite satisfied so far (with the HP 635)...


But then I hit an issue from a corner I would least have expected: The super I/O chip. It seems that the HP 635 uses an

ITE IT8518 (IT8518E)

Super I/O. As far as I see it, neither lm_sensors nor Kernel can support it since there isn't a datasheet available on the webpage. Normally ITE chips seemed to be fairly well supported.

I was unable to reach HP support or I was served with evading or totally misleading / misunderstanding / copy & paste answers.
So I am asking here. Is there any way HP could step up here (e.g. if the chip was a commission for some HP notebook series?) and hand the developers a datasheet so they can write a driver?


PS: Fan always on option set to "off" reduces fan activity levels and noise (which is fine, esp. given that the E-350 isn't much of a heater) but it sometimes leads to messages on the POST screen that the BIOS wants to shutdown the computer since there is a fan failure...
Is there any firmware update (was it an insys bios?) that addresses this issue?