"Cluster in-the-box" and RHEL3 Cluster Manager

Vitaly Karasik_1
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"Cluster in-the-box" and RHEL3 Cluster Manager

We're trying to configure
"HP ProLiant DL380 Packaged Cluster with MSA1000" (2 DL380 plus MSA1000 with dual path FC connection via two 8-port, 2 Gb Fibre Channel fabric switches) with RHEL3 with RH Cluster Manager.
For now we couldn't configure very basic thing - failover between two Qlogic adapters.
Do you have some manual for setting up such configuration.

(I guess that we need some special parameters for working with FC switch, because the same cluster-in-the-box but with FC hub instead of FC switch works well for us.)
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Re: "Cluster in-the-box" and RHEL3 Cluster Manager

The QLOGIC driver from HP has multipath built in. I beleive there is some setup info with teh driver. This should be independent of Hub or switch.
Steven E. Protter
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Re: "Cluster in-the-box" and RHEL3 Cluster Manager

To clarify. The setup that works for a hub was tried and definitely does not work for a swith.

The two MSA-1000 fiber controllers, part of the switch were reversed in their position. This eliminates the possibility of a hardware failure because still only controller 1 works properly.

Right now the documentation has not provided us any guidance in how to do this failover.

Vitaly and I and three other people have put in a substantial amount of time on this along with support staff. Surely someone out ther has worked on a guide or found a QLOGIC or HP document for Linux.

Note: I work with Vitaly.

Steven E Protter
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Re: "Cluster in-the-box" and RHEL3 Cluster Manager


Not sure about ProLiant, but I have built several clusters with Itanium (RX4640) and RHEL3 (and 2.?) with MSA1000 and QLogic

For RHEL3, the kernel that works for me is 2.4.21-27.0.2 and the QLogic driver package hp_qla2x00src-7.01.01-12. I followed the instruction EXACTLY and didn't have too much trouble to bring it up and running. Last time I check RHEL3 does not work with the FC hub on MSA1000 which should not affect you since you are using the switch. Check with HP storage support on the latest support of firmware version on the QLogic card and the MSA1000.

Hope this help.