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"Dynamic shared memory"


"Dynamic shared memory"


Som Oracle docs say:
"The change in the amount of physical memory consumed when SGA_TARGET is modified depends on the operating system. On some UNIX platforms that do not support dynamic shared memory, the physical memory in use by the SGA is equal to the value of the SGA_MAX_SIZE parameter. On such platforms, there is no real benefit in setting SGA_TARGET to a value smaller than SGA_MAX_SIZE. Therefore, setting SGA_MAX_SIZE on those platforms is not recommended.

On other platforms, such as Solaris and Windows, the physical memory consumed by the SGA is equal to the value of SGA_TARGET.

Where do HP-UX stand on this matter ?
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Re: "Dynamic shared memory"

HP-UX does not have dynamic shared memory. As a result when an oracle instance starts up the size of the SGA is the same as the SGA_MAX_SIZE.