"myenterpriselicense" is a JOKE. HPE, fix this please, its beyond embarrassing now.

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"myenterpriselicense" is a JOKE. HPE, fix this please, its beyond embarrassing now.

EVERY TIME I go to get software off this site, there is some problem in one form or another.

Its becoming so tedious.

I am SIMPLY trying to get a virtual service processor because ours ceased to work and crapped themselves all on their own, for the FOURTH TIME.

When I try and grab this software I am met with the following error:-

"A temporary issue prevented us from processing your request. Please try again"

FIX THIS PLEASE. We have jobs to do, services to run, infrastructures to fix. This is farcical and you are going to lose customers who will take their business elsewhere if the MAIN PORTAL to download software is CONTINUALLY a pain in the **** to use.

Now we currently have no way to update our arrays, or even have information being uploaded to HPE Infosight, OR have the support WE PAID THOUSANDS FOR, work, as we now have our storage systems unable to use their broken SP's to upload the information to HPE.

I cannot say anymore without fuming at how bad the support service and customer experiences are now. There are people in HPE that need to be fired IMO.






Re: "myenterpriselicense" is a JOKE. HPE, fix this please, its beyond embarrassing now.


     I believe you have read (and responded to) my similar post. As I expressed in that the issue is not a technical one as far as I can work out. Amazingly as soon as you reach out to the licencing team for your region via email or chat and answer the magic questions they ask it starts working. So as far as I can see there is definitely some sort of human intervention needed to enable the downloads to function as expected. I did do some partial testing to see if the issue was indeed 'temporary' but over a week of attempts i was unable to obtain the software update i needed until the steps had been gone through with regional licencing. My suspicion is they are trying to ensure only valid customers with live contracts are permitted and that we as customers aren't trying to piggback or grab updates for other customers who do not have support in place. All seems a bit extreme to me to be honest but that's my gut feeling on the whole thing. 

Sadly there has been no official response from anyone so I fear the current modus operandi will continue.

best wishes.