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"top" produces "Segmentation Fault"

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Kong Kian Chay
Regular Advisor

"top" produces "Segmentation Fault"

How can I resolve the problem of "Segmentation Fault" when issuing commd "top" ? -- incr Swap Space ? /var ? Apparently, this happens to a few of the workstations even when no user processes are running.

Env : HP-UX 10.20
Frederic Soriano
Honored Contributor

Re: "top" produces "Segmentation Fault"

Hi Kong,

You should probably install patch PHCO_22556 (for HP-UX B.10.20), as it is a special cumulative patch for top. Get it from the following URL:

I hope this helps !

Best regards,

Kong Kian Chay
Regular Advisor

Re: "top" produces "Segmentation Fault"

I installed the Patch on 10 workstations which have the problem. It's SOLVED now. Thank you.