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reconfiguring the kernel

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reconfiguring the kernel

i am using redhat 9 and wish to reconfigure my kernel so that i can enable the sound, i ve gone through the kernel reconfiguration manual from redhat and did every thing, i got the message like unable to enter into directory /drivers/sound then i found something on internet and which said i need to create a sound directory in the drivers folder, i did that and am not getting that error but other errors are still there , i dont know how many folders i need to create, please reply, thank you.or tell me the easiest way to enable the sound in redhat, i checked with sndconfig its not working fine.
Ivan Ferreira
Honored Contributor

Re: reconfiguring the kernel

You will have better sound support, unctionalities and less work to do if you upgrade your linux version.

Try installing Fedora Core 4. (If this will be a workstation, disable Security Enhanced Linux during installation).
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Re: reconfiguring the kernel

thank you , i will try that. but i wish to learn how to reconfigure my kernel. please tell me.
Simeon Harwood
Regular Advisor

Re: reconfiguring the kernel

Hi Mudasir.
Here is how to rebuild the kernel on Red Hat Enterprise v3. should read accross OK.

Clean up kernel dir
# cd /usr/src/linux
# make clean
# make mrporper
# make oldconfig

Start up config windows or edit mode.
# make xconfig
# make menuconfig
edit ".config" manually ( I prefer this method, causes less errors)

Build kernel
# make dep
# make bzImage
# make modules
# make modules_install
# make install

if you see any errors during the build, you will need to clean up the source directory.

# make clean
# make mrproper

There is also a good README file in this directory that tells you all about it.

BTW make sure that you have got the kernel source RPM installed.

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Re: reconfiguring the kernel

the last answer to my question is the correct answer